Wake Forest School of Medicine has received a
$1 million Grant to study Brainwave Optimization – a powerful healing method now available at MindBody Medicine Center

The Research Team at Wake Forest is a multi-disciplinary, academic research group, based primarily in the Department of Neurology, pursuing scientific evaluation of the use of HIRREM, which stands for “high-resolution, relational, resonance-based, electroencephalic mirroring”.

Brainwave Optimization is a more friendly term and it is the one we use at MindBody Medicine Center for this revolutionary treatment that has caught the attention of the academic medical community.

“One nation under stress” is the basic conclusion of a 2007 report written by the American Psychological Association. Consider the following:

  • 79% believe “stress is a fact of life”
  • 33% report “extreme stress”
  • 73% believe stress is impacting their health
  • 46% believe stress has a negative impact on their physical health


Since the mind, both conscious and unconscious, has a governing influence on the body, it is no wonder that so many Americans are anxious, depressed, worried and sick.

According to the Wake Forest research team:

Every brain is unique, with its own pattern of electrical frequencies (Hertz) and amplitudes (microvolts) for most efficient functioning. In the HIRREM approach, trauma, both physical and non-physical, may lead to disturbances in brain activity, including imbalances of frequencies and amplitudes. Specifically, trauma can lead to activation of autonomic nervous system responses, sympathetic (fight or flight) or parasympathetic (freeze or withdrawal), to help survive the event. If the brain circuitry managing the autonomic response remains chronically activated, the persisting physiological changes are not healthy and might contribute to symptoms or illnesses. The premise of HIRREM is that improved balance may lead to decreased symptoms.

The “non-physical” trauma can be the emotional pain carried by so many over the course of a lifetime that never seems to resolve.  Chronic anger, anxiety, fatigue, pain, addiction, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders and much more.

Since Michael Fallon has brought Brainwave Optimization to MindBody Medicine Center, we have seen patients and staff alike feeling greater levels of peace, focus, and harmony.  Anxiety and depression are improving dramatically.

You may visit the Wake Forest website to follow this exciting new research with the following link:   http://www.wakehealth.edu/Research/Neurology/HIRREM/

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