Mindbody medicine consists of:

The best treatment for disease is the promotion of health. In order to promote, or restore, the natural wisdom of the body you need to consider what the body is made of, which is vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and biologic co-factors, and more. Just as you cannot repair a car with airplane parts, you cannot repair the body with drugs which are foreign to its natural design. Drugs can reduce symptoms but they seldom heal.

Using proper diet and nutrients you can reverse common diseases. Other tools for health promotion include herbal remedies and medication as well as exercise and other lifestyle considerations, and, Consciousness is a governing influence on the body and this truth is often ignored in conventional medical practice. The mind and body are one and regaining health often depends on understanding how to reduce stress, express emotions responsibility and live life in a creative and fulfilling manner.

We need to understand the message of disease using a variety of psychobiological therapies, such as counseling, education, improving brain chemistry (neurotransmitters), biofeedback, emotional release, cognitive therapies and more.Finally, there are many scientifically proven and effective therapies, including acupuncture and Chinese medicine, integrative massage therapy, and more which help to balance the body and mind, thus restoring health.The need for change in American medical care has never been greater.