Personal mentoring with Dr. Peters

Licensed medical doctors are invited to spend a week learning mindbody medicine with Dr. Peters at MindBody Medicine Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

You will experience mindbody healing while sitting in on patient visits and learning the many tools of integrative and functional medicine during a week of intensive training.

The Center represents the convergence of the best of traditional medical practice with the emerging science of functional medicine, thereby providing a much needed alternative to the outdated medical model which focuses mostly on treating disease with drugs and surgery.

Consciousness is a governing influence on the body and this truth is often ignored in conventional medical practice. Psychologists talk about the mind and stress but do not understand medical practice, while doctors treat the body not recognizing the source of disease is within the mind.


Ronald Peters, MD, MPH

Dr. Peters is trained in family medicine and has earned a Masters of Public Health in the prevention of disease. He has 40 years of experience in nutritional biochemistry and holistic health care. He has studied with Master Teachers, leading to an understanding of the formative power of the conscious and unconscious mind, which he summarized in his ground-breaking book, Edgework, Exploring the Psychology of Disease.




Personal training will give you tailor made knowledge into the powerful world of mindbody medicine, which focuses on restoring health as the best treatment for disease. The science of health promotion includes the following:

  • Nutritional biochemistry and nutritional medicine
  • Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome
  • Weight management
  • Intestinal yeast overgrowth, or, Candidasis
  • Delayed onset food sensitivities
  • Gluten intolerance and celiac disease
  • Chelation therapy for heavy metal toxicity, such as lead and mercury
  • Environmental medicine and chemical toxin detoxification
  • Healthy digestion and common patterns of disease
  • Bio-identical hormone therapy
  • Immune system evaluation and enhancement
  • Nutritional and behavioral management of high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Alternative therapies for cancer
  • Thyroid and adrenal disorders
  • Biology of mood and cognition – neurotransmitter therapy for depression and anxiety
  • Hypercoaguability and chronic infections
  • Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
  • Holistic management of inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis

The application of the science of health promotion provides the first step in the new “mindbody model” of health care. It allows patients to understand and restore the wisdom of the body using proper diet and nutrient therapies, thereby providing much better clinical results. Patients are more often able to eliminate their diseases and medications and return to higher levels of health and well being. However, the understanding the full message of disease requires an additional step and that is the biology of consciousness.

In addition to postgraduate training in mindbody medicine, Dr Peters had the good fortune of working with advanced teachers of mental and spiritual health, including a two year Mastery Program. He has applied the following principles to patient care for the past 15 years. You will learn:

  • The mind and body are one, i.e. mindbody
  • Nature of the conscious and unconscious mind
  • Unconscious mind as the storehouse of emotional wounds from childhood
  • Formative power of thought and belief, both personal and collective
  • Importance of emotions and emotional expression
  • Nature of stress related disease
  • How stress can become an ally in the healing process
  • Importance of creativity and passion in work and relationships
  • Natural therapeutic experience, or, healing at work and in relationships
  • Message and guidance offered by disease
  • Essential importance of spiritual practice and self-knowledge

During the week of training you will receive:

  • Personal instruction in functional medicine and mindbody healing
  • Practice Guidelines for MindBody Medicine, by Dr. Peters and over 100 pages in length
  • Edgework, Exploring the Psychology of Disease, by Ronald Peters MD, MPH, published by – – Blue Dolphin Publishing Company in 2003
  • Intravenous therapy guidelines
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy guidelines
  • Expanded laboratory testing to include digestion, immunity, adrenal function, neurotransmitter assessment, etc
  • Nutritional supplement guidelines from a range of supplement companies.
  • Powerpoint presentations designed for patient education and practice promotion on a variety of health topics
  • Personal medical evaluation: medical history, stress history, physical exam and appropriate lab testing including specialty labs for digestion and immune function and treatment program.

After the intensive week training, Dr. Peters will be available to answer questions and discuss patient care for the following year at no charge using telephone and email.

Cost: $5,000
Please call Dr. Peters at 480.607.7999 for more details and scheduling.