Medical and psychological research has been telling us for decades that the mind and body are one.  The staff at MindBody Medicine Center is devoted to making this truth a reality. Patients are encouraged to consider the psychological, or, stress related, issues underlying illness and, in this way, medical treatments are more often successful.  This approach is more likely to reverse disease and reduce the need for symptomatic, expensive and long term medical care.

Integrative Psychology

Progressive forms of psychotherapy, sometimes called integrative, or energetic, assist clients in recognizing and releasing trauma which is often the cause of disease and suffering. Patients are offered tools to bring forth their innate ability to create their personal path to health. Each client is unique. Each client’s path to health is multifaceted and personal. Each client weaves their chosen path with new values, mindsets, and lifestyle.


Hypnotherapy is the skilled medical application of hypnosis which is a natural state of selective heightened focused attention of the mind in which the mind relaxes, yet full awareness of self and surroundings remain, once the mind is relaxed in trance the conscious relaxes opening access to the subconscious mind where change of limiting beliefs and behaviors takes place.

Hypnotherapy is effective because it focuses on the mind; the mind controls the body, organs, voluntary and involuntary reflexes, muscles, nervous system, all areas of the brain, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  The mind, body and spirit are connected; hypnotherapy brings the body back into balance through direct communication with your subconscious mind; you learn to control your own thoughts by reprogramming pain signals and negative limiting beliefs with your desired new positive thoughts and behaviors.

The Medical applications of hypnotherapy include more rapid recovery from treatments and surgeries, reduction of chronic pain, stress, high blood pressure, and heart disease.  Hypnotherapy addresses the issues behind negative limiting behaviors such as smoking, unhealthy weight, fears, lack of self-esteem, and dis-ease offering support in making desired changes allowing immediate access to your subconscious mind to create positive lasting change through positive therapeutic suggestions.

Through hypnotherapy it is possible for you to eliminate the emotional baggage creating your health issues, emotional pain of false beliefs and the personal lies we decided about ourselves as children; by replacing our negative thoughts with new positive beliefs releasing the past negative emotions promoting health and greater self-love.