Oxalate Control: A Major New Factor In Autism Therapy

By Dr. William Shaw, founder of The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc.

oxalates-autismA brand new diet is being extensively used to treat children with autism and other disorders. Oxalate and its chemically similar form oxalic acid are widely used in industry.

A researcher named Susan Owens discovered that the use of a diet low in oxalates markedly reduced symptoms in children with autism and PDD. For example, the mother of an autistic son reported that he became more focused and calm, that he played better, that he walked better, and had a reduction in leg and feet pain after being on a low oxalate diet.

Prior to the low oxalate diet, her child could hardly walk up the stairs. After the diet, he walked up the stairs very easily. Many hundreds of children with autism throughout the world are now being placed on this diet with good results.