Isaac Eliaz, MD


 Since 1995, clinically researched Modified Citrus Pectin has helped thousands of people restore optimal health and improve quality of life.

This unique, extensively researched ingredient demonstrates a broad range of therapeutic actions that can significantly improve health and longevity. Made from citrus peels, and modified to a very small size molecule, it works through a number of mechanisms to halt and reverse disease processes, bind and remove harmful toxins, and restore optimal cellular and tissue function.

With more than 70+ published clinical and preclinical studies, and new data emerging, this form of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) is recognized as one of the most advanced, broad-spectrum nutraceuticals—fundamental in the integrative treatment of our most critical health concerns:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular and kidney disease
  • Immune function
  • Inflammation
  • Organ/tissue fibrosis
  • Detoxification
  • Neurological health
  • Premature aging
  • and other conditions…

2021 landmark clinical study on MCP in prostate cancer — read the full published study here.

How Modified Citrus Pectin Works: The Most Researched and Effective Galectin-3 Blocker — For Cancer, Cardiovascular Health, and More

 This MCP works through numerous distinct mechanisms. The most important of these is its unique ability to halt the destructive actions of a “rogue protein” called Galectin-3 (Gal-3). Gal-3 is a single protein produced by the body, with roles in cell development, immunity, repair, and other areas.

It’s also one of the fastest growing fields in medical research today.

Gal-3 can become elevated due to injury, illness, or normal aging. Thousands of published studies now show that when Gal-3 gets out of control, it becomes a key driver of degenerative conditions including:

  • cancer growth and metastasis
  • inflammation and tissue fibrosis (uncontrolled scar tissue build up)
  • cardiovascular and kidney disease
  • organ dysfunction
  • immune suppression
  • metabolic syndrome
  • depression
  • arthritis
  • obesity
  • neuro-degeneration
  • premature aging
  • many other conditions

From this fast-growing body of research, only one available agent demonstrates the ability to halt and reverse the harmful effects of Gal-3: Clinically-researched Modified Citrus Pectin. With a very precise molecular structure, this MCP is able to enter the circulation and bind to rogue Gal-3, safely disarming it.

This is why researchers and medical professionals world-wide are increasingly interested in the original form of MCP—as a safe and highly effective solution to block the detrimental effects of Gal-3.

Only One Modified Citrus Pectin Formula is Proven Effective

 Experts emphasize that other “modified” citrus pectins do not offer the same benefits as the only researched, clinically studied and substantiated form of MCP. This MCP is prepared with an advanced enzymatic process that breaks the long chain molecules of regular citrus pectin to produce a much smaller size and structure of citrus pectin: <13 kilodaltons and <5% esterification.

According to the research, these are the precise specifications required for bioavailability and bioactivity—specifically, the ability of this MCP to enter the circulation from the GI tract to bind and block excess Gal-3.

Unsubstantiated forms of modified citrus pectin products continue to emerge in the marketplace. Independent analyses show these products lack the correct molecular specifications, contain solvent residues and adulterants, and therefore will not offer the dynamic benefits consumers expect from the only researched form of MCP.

Modified Citrus Pectin Formula and Research for Cancer

 With powerful anti-cancer properties, this researched MCP is shown in over 15 published studies, including three clinical trials, to effectively halt numerous pro-cancer processes. In addition, this MCP is shown to significantly increase chemotherapy effectiveness, and reduce drug-resistant potential. In one study, it was shown to increase efficacy and thus allowing for lower dosages of the toxic chemotherapy drug, doxorubicin, in the treatment of prostate cancer.  Another study showed strong synergistic actions with specific chemotherapy regimens.

Modified Citrus Pectin Formula and Synergy with Other Treatments

 In addition to synergistic effects with chemotherapy drugs, this MCP is shown to increase the effectiveness of radiation treatment. It has also been shown to enhance the effectiveness of two poly-botanical anticancer formulas, for breast and prostate cancer. This MCP in combination with a purified botanical extract from magnolia bark, Honokiol, has also shown synergy for enhancing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Modified Citrus Pectin Formula with Cardiovascular Disease and Organ Fibrosis

 One of the reasons researchers are increasingly investigating this MCP has to do with its ability to slow and reverse cardiovascular disease. It works primarily by halting the pro-inflammatory and pro-fibrosis actions of Gal-3, which is now used a biomarker for heart failure.

Additional inflammatory conditions including liver and kidney disease, arthritis, obesity, neurodegeneration, and infection have all shown significant reduction with this researched form of MCP.

Modified Citrus Pectin Formula and Immune Support

 In a 2011 study, MCP was shown to produce an increase in B-cells, T-cytotoxic cells, and NK-cells. MCP also induced a ten-fold increase in NK-cell activation and a 53.6% increase in the NK-cells’ functional ability to identify and destroy leukemia cells.

Safe Heavy Metal Chelation with Modified Citrus Pectin Formula

 Three clinical studies highlight this MCP as a safe binder and chelator of heavy metals. MCP is shown to reduce blood levels and increase urinary excretion of lead, mercury and arsenic, cadmium and others, without disrupting essential minerals.

Digestive Health with Modified Citrus Pectin Formula

 This MCP is also shown to offer prebiotic benefits as an oligosaccharide-rich fiber. One study showed that as a prebiotic fiber, MCP reduced Shiga toxin cytotoxicity from the aggressive strain of E. coli, 0157:H7, implicated in recent food contamination outbreaks.

The Most Important Daily Supplement for Health with Modified Citrus Pectin Formula

 Based on the extensive and fast-growing body of research, as well as decades of success using MCP clinically, this is the number one supplement I recommend universally for everyone. As new research emerges, the indications for this simple, natural ingredient continue to increase and expand, making it one of the most important daily supplements for protecting and maintaining long-term health and healthy aging.

Select Modified Citrus Pectin Research Links:

 2021 Translational Study: Galectin-3 as an early biomarker and potential therapeutic target for post-cardiac kidney injury—Modified Citrus Pectin attenuates damage

2020 Preclinical Study: Modified Citrus Pectin inhibits Galectin-3 to Reduce Diabetes-Associated Cognitive Impairment, Oxidative Stress and Neuroinflammation

2020 Preclinical Study: Modified Citrus Pectin Targets Hypoxia-Induced Galectin-3 in Breast Cancer

2019 Clinical study: Long term effect of modified citrus pectin treatment in non-metastatic biochemically relapsed prostate cancer patients

2019 Review: Pleiotropic Effects of Modified Citrus Pectin

2019 Study: Acute Kidney Injury Induces Remote Cardiac Damage and Dysfunction Through the Galectin-3 Pathway—MCP blocks these effects

2019 Study: Myocardial Injury After Ischemia/Reperfusion Is Attenuated By Pharmacological Galectin-3 Inhibition using MCP

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