One of the most common remarks Children Health Defense hears from parents of children adversely affected by vaccines is, “I wish I’d known then what I know now.” These well-intentioned parents trusted the recommendations of their child’s medical providers and conventional wisdom of mainstream medicine which follow the vaccination guidelines of our government health agencies. Unfortunately, for so many of these families, the “one size fits all” vaccination policy—in place then and now—has had disastrous consequences. Please share these insights with your family and friends.

I wish I’d known… The real risks of vaccines. When the injury happens to my child, the risk is 100%.

I wish I’d known… That vaccine manufacturers have no product liability and the government has paid over $4 billion for vaccine injuries.

I wish I’d known… That the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says 99% of vaccine injuries and adverse events aren’t recorded.

I wish I’d known… That many parents report a SIDS death soon after their infant received vaccines.

I wish I’d known… That the same companies that have paid over $5 billion for scientific fraud in recent years are the same manufacturers I’m supposed to trust with my child’s vaccines.

I wish I’d known… That a DTaP vaccine means a lifetime of greater pertussis susceptibility.

I wish I’d known… That there have been several independent peer-reviewed studies concluding that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children.

I wish I’d known… That the CDC owns over 50 vaccine-related patents. Isn’t that a conflict when they encourage me to vaccinate my child?

I wish I’d known… That vaccine safety advocates have nothing to gain, while the vaccine industry will be worth $48 billion by 2025.

I wish I’d known… That epilepsy and autism have been compensated as vaccine injuries by the government.

I wish I’d known… That the Institute of Medicine concluded that the entire CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule for children has never been tested for safety.

I wish I’d known… That some kids are more vulnerable to vaccine injuries. We all can’t take penicillin. Why would I think my child can take all vaccines and be ok?

I wish I’d known… That some vaccines like DTaP and MMR may cause more injuries and deaths than the diseases themselves.

I wish I’d known… That according to CDC research, a pregnant woman is 7.7 times more likely to miscarry if given an influenza vaccine in the first trimester.

I wish I’d known… That toxins (like aluminum and mercury) in vaccines often exceed federal safety guidelines and that those ingredients are linked to childhood health conditions and auto-immune diseases.

I wish I’d known… That hepatitis B disease affects mostly “high-risk” adults but Hep B vaccination targets low-risk infants and school children for “convenience.”

I wish I’d known… That there’s no “do over” with vaccines. Once the injury happens, there is no treatment and, many times, the injuries are lifelong.

I wish I’d known… That the rate of diseases we vaccinate against were already going down by the time their vaccines were created.

I wish I’d known… That there is a CDC Scientist turned whistle blower that says CDC destroyed science confirming MMR caused autism in African American boys.

I wish I’d known… That HHS broke the law for not submitting vaccine safety reports to Congress for over 30 years!

I wish I’d known… That vaccines were incentivized and that pediatricians often get a bonus for compliance with the CDC vaccination recommendations.

I wish I’d known… That the science isn’t settled on vaccines, it is corrupt… like “Tobacco Science.”

I wish I’d known… That no one knows the long-term health consequences of injecting vaccines into children’s bodies.

I wish I’d known… That 54% of our children are now suffering from a chronic health condition and many of those diseases are linked to vaccinations.

I wish I’d known… That none of the federally recommended childhood vaccines has been tested against a true inert placebo in pre-licensure studies.

I wish I’d known… That vaccine effectiveness wanes over time which leads to a lifetime of revaccination with unknown side effects and health outcomes.

I wish I’d known… That the FDA didn’t rely on any vaccine safety trials before licensing influenza and Tdap vaccines in pregnant women.

I wish I’d known… That Hep B is transmitted by IV drug use, through unprotected sex or from a HepB positive mother to her baby. Therefore, the vast majority of infants are vaccinated when there is no risk of disease.

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