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EMFs Are The New Smoking. Learn How to Protect Yourself.

EMFs are the new smoking. Don’t believe it?  For decades, a group of cigarette companies referred to as ‘Big Tobacco’ financed bogus scientific studies claiming smoking was perfectly safe. This tricked doctors, scientists, politicians, and smokers into a false sense of security. There were early warning signs that smoking was dangerous, but it took 50 years for the government to finally take action. Today we’re facing an even bigger health threat… EMFs — the radiation emitted by cell phones, wifi routers and Bluetooth devices, just to name a few.  Even if many doctors, politicians and Big Wireless companies still claim that EMFs are perfectly safe, the early warning signs could not be clearer… 5 Scientific Facts Proving EMFs Are NOT Safe
  1. Many leading EMF scientists say EMFs should be classified as a “Class 1” definite carcinogen (just like smoking and asbestos) (1)
  2. The best functional medicine doctors in the world like Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD have observed that EMFs are at the very root cause of many         “Mystery” symptoms including insomnia, fatigue, depression, and digestive issues (2)
  3. New technologies like the “5G” (fifth generation) networks are being rolled out at a frantic pace, while exactly ZERO biological studies prove their safety (3)
  4.  EMF “safety” standards haven’t been updated since 1996, (4)and are based on short term exposure to ONE device.
  5. Growing children’s brains are especially at risk, as their head absorbs twice the radiation compared to adults. (5)  Regardless of that fact, a 2014 survey showed that up to 75% of 4-year old children possess their own cell phone. (6)
Quitting Smoking Is Doable… But What About 2nd-Hand EMF Pollution? You could choose not to smoke, or even avoid 2nd-hand smoking, but 2nd hand EMF radiation is literally everywhere. Each time we jump from one generation of wireless technologies to another, the amount of EMFs we’re all being exposed to increases exponentially.

 2G (1996)

 17,000 antennas (USA)7

3G (2006)

195,613 antennas (USA)8

 4G (2016)

210,000+ antennas (USA)9

5G (2019 & Beyond)

13,000,000+ antennas by 2025 (USA)10


Top Scientist Confirms Our Worst Fears:

“The 5G Rollout Is Completely Insane.”11

Just in the few weeks prior to publishing this report, the cities of Brussels, Belgium,12 and Geneva, Switzerland1 (3)  have decided to stop installing the latest 5G (5th generation) technologies until more studies are conducted. Why? In a recent letter sent to officials of the European Union, Dr. Martin Pall from the Washington State University explained that 5G is being rolled out without a single biological test to prove its safety on human beings, animals and nature. (14) This is equivalent to making new drugs available to the public without a single test proving their safety and efficacy. Dr. Pall is far from being alone. Hundreds of independent scientists (15) and tens of thousands of concerned individuals worldwide have been sounding the alarm as well. (16)

To make matters worse, 5G will also require the installation

of tens of millions of new “small cell” antennas in the US alone —

we’re talking about every 3 to 12 homes in residential areas, and

at every single block in downtown areas.

 Dr. Pall doesn’t put it lightly: “Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.” The most concerning thing about 5G is that we simply do not know HOW it will affect our health! Considering that thousands and thousands of peer-reviewed studies have already shown that 2G through 4G technologies are linked with insomnia, fatigue, brain fog and even cancer… it simply doesn’t make sense to choose to increase the EMF pollution we’re all being exposed to. The Good News:  Dramatically Reducing Your EMF Exposure Is Relatively Simple. Looking at the amount of EMF radiation that we’re being exposed to can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are ways to reduce your EMF exposure by 90%, and even reverse many negative health effects related to EMF exposure. It all comes down to following the 3 simple steps below.   Step #1: Learn How To Recognize The Top EMF Related Symptoms  Can’t sleep? Feeling more fatigued than you should? Always foggy or stuck with a headache that keeps coming back? Experiencing anxiety or depression? Very credible medical agencies such as the Austrian Medical Association (ÖAK)17 have found that these are all telltale signs that you might be overexposed to EMFs.  The reason most individuals and health professionals alike miss these EMF-related symptoms is that they vary greatly from person to person. For example, while you might personally get a headache while talking on the phone, your spouse may simply be experiencing more stress or anxiety. Just like some people are allergic to specific foods, Dr. Magda Havas from Trent University in Ontario explains that some people are known to react to specific sources of EMFs, such as cell phones, wifi routers, or utility “smart” meters. (19)

                        Top 10 Most Common EMF-Related Symptoms 18

1.      Fatigue/ weakness   6. Memory loss  
2.      Sleep disturbance/ insomnia   7. Visual disruptions/ light sensitivity  
3.      Headaches/migraines   8. Skin problems
4.      Brain fog/difficulty concentrating   9. Heart palpitations
5.      Depression or anxiety   10. Dizziness
For example, while you might personally get a headache while talking on the phone, your spouse may simply be experiencing more stress or anxiety. Just like some people are allergic to specific foods, Dr. Magda Havas from Trent University in Ontario explains that some people are known to react to specific sources of EMFs, such as cell phones, wifi routers, or utility “smart” meters. (19) ACTION STEPS: Start paying attention to how you feel in different environments — at home, at work, in the subway train, on vacation. Try to identify if certain sources of EMFs (cell phones, wifi routers, etc.) seem to be triggering or worsening your symptoms and do your best to distance yourself from these sources, reduce your time of exposure, or even better — turn them off altogether.   Step #2: Learn the Basic Science — How EMFs Affect Each One Of Your Cells  Whether you’re a health professional or just someone looking to protect yourself and your family from EMFs, it’s important that you learn the basics of how EMFs affect each one of your cells. Here’s how it works. Very recently, scientists have discovered that EMFs from cell phones, wifi routers, and cell towers activate countless microscopic sensors that are found on the surface of every one of your cells. When these “voltage sensors” are exposed to foreign EMF signals, your cells get tricked into allowing large amounts of calcium to flow inside…   Normally, calcium is a healthy mineral — but too much calcium inside the cell is the equivalent of pouring gas on a fire, and triggers a slew of negative health effects.  Put simply, EMFs are an added stress to every single cell in your body — whether you personally feel EMF-related symptoms or not. Just like you probably opt to eat whole, natural foods as free of toxic pesticides as possible… aiming to minimize your personal EMF exposure is a great action step for your health.   Want more science? In his 2013 groundbreaking paper,20 Dr. Martin Pall has shown that extremely low levels of EMFs can activate the cells’ voltage gated calcium channels, leading to 14 distinct downstream biological effects such as oxidative stress, DNA breaks, melatonin depletion, infertility and cancer. Step #3: Take The 5-Day Cell Phone EMF Challenge  You might be overwhelmed or lost about where you should start when it comes to reducing your EMF exposure, considering that there are so many sources around you — including cellular towers that you have no control over. The reality is that the worst EMF-emitting sources are the ones that are closest to your body, start with your own cell phone. This is why I’m challenging you to take what we call the “5-Day Cell Phone EMF Challenge”, and feel the countless benefits of minimizing EMF exposure. Here’s how it works: For the next 5 days, I want you to do these 3 simple things with your cell phone:
  1. Put your phone on “Airplane Mode” when you carry it on your body.
  2. Put your phone on “Airplane Mode” at night, or keep it outside your bedroom.
  3. Always keep a 1 foot distance between you and your cell phone when you use it. Use speakerphone or earbuds (preferably a low-radiation “Air Tube”21 headset) if you need to talk on it.
Do all of these things for 5 days and pay attention to how you feel. Do you sleep more soundly? Do you feel less tired at the end of the day? Do you experience less stress or anxiety? Please write to — I’d love to hear your feedback!  

When you click on “Airplane Mode”

on an iPhone or iPad, this is what it

should look like.

Important Note: For extremely sensitive people, the cell phone challenge above will be a step in the right direction but will probably not be sufficient to alleviate symptoms. For those cases, a thorough home and work EMF assessment by a professional Geovital consultant (22) or Building Biologist (23) is highly recommended. About The Author Nick “The EMF Guy” Pineault is an Investigative Health Journalist and author of the #1 bestselling book “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs”. His uncanny ability to connect the dots and distill huge amounts of information have rapidly made Nick one of the most sought-after experts on EMFs. Nick’s work has been endorsed by Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Ben Greenfield, Paul Chek, Dr. Ben Lynch and many more of the world’s leading health authorities.


  1. In 2011, radiofrequency EMFs (from cell phones, Bluetooth, wifi and cell towers) has been classified as a Class 2B “possible carcinogen” by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Several scientists who were on the international committee looking at the available science at the time (including Ronald Melnick, Dariusz Leszczynski, Anthony Miller, Lennart Hardell and many more) are now saying that using the exact same scientific criteria, EMFs should be re-classified as a Class 2A or 1 carcinogen. See this recent epidemiology update by Dr. Anthony Miller:
  1. Even if mainstream medicine still claims that EMF-related symptoms are psychosomatic, this belief seems to be based on bogus provocation studies that hold little scientific value. See this critique of these provocation studies by Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD.:
  1. This has been admitted by wireless companies during a December 2018 senate hearing: .
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  3. An Air Tube headset is a low-radiation headset that will not conduct the radiofrequency EMF signal emitted by your phone. A great product we recommend is this headset by the company Defender Shield:
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