In 1786, Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter warning a friend of what he presumed were the ‘well-stablished’ hazards of lead paint, and yet for nearly two full centuries, lead paint would be widely used throughout American homes. Today, everyone understands the devastating developmental, mental, and physical symptoms long-term exposure to lead can have — and not just for the individual. There are a number of tragic articles on how chronic lead poisoning has significantly hampered decades of growth and prosperity in low-income communities where the dangers of lead-poisoning were less known and less heeded. Millions of Americans were harmed by this simple product that most would never even notice during their everyday lives. It is a product that could have been avoided had Americans had the right information and had the government acted more quickly to officially acknowledge the threat and take the necessary steps to safeguard its people. (Consumer uses of lead-based paint was finally banned in 1978.) You would think that we as a population would have learned from this, but alas, the American population now faces a new threat that, like lead paint, seems innocuous and unnoticeable and yet studies are showing can cause severe physical, emotional, and developmental issues. That threat is EMF radiation.

What Is EMF Radiation?

EMF stands for electric and magnetic fields and they are types of invisible areas of energy that are associated with different types of electrical power, both natural and man-made. The sun, for example, sends out EMF waves. Scientists and researchers typically separate all EMFs into two key categories:
  • Non-ionizing, which was listed as low-level EMF radiation that was perceived as harmless.
  • Ionizing, which was listed as high-level EMF radiation that was shown to cause cellular and DNA damage.
For decades, it was believed that only ionizing radiation could cause issues, but new evidence suggests that long-term exposure to all types of man-made EMF, including extremely low frequency and non-ionizing, can cause harm. The biggest problem is that a lot of these low-frequency causes of EMF radiation are everyday items that most people see as innocuous. Your cell phone, microwave, any Bluetooth device, Wi-Fi router, and other internet-related devices all emit EMF that these new studies show have the potential to cause symptoms like:
  • Memory changes
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Depression and depressive symptoms
  • Speech developmental problems in infants
  • Higher risk of cancer

Tips for Limiting EMF Exposure

In today’s world, it would be impossible to completely avoid EMF exposure unless you were willing to homestead in some remote part of the country, completely nix all modern appliances and internet-connected devices, and never go into town for shopping goods. The prevalence of EMF is even more unavoidable than lead-based paint, as anyone with a cellular phone in their pocket is giving off EMF. The good news is that there are some ways you can limit yours and your family exposure to this threat:
  • Use EMF protection cases on mobile devices. The Pong brand particularly has an excellent array of protection cases for both cell phones and tablets. These cases are designed to absorb as much as 50% of cell phone radiation.
  • Avoid body contact with wireless-equipped devices. Wherever possible, try and reduce your bodily contact with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. This means no laptop on your lap, nix Bluetooth headsets, and avoid keeping your phone in your pocket.
  • Sleep in a low EMF sanctuary. During the day, it is hard to stay away from EMF but you can easily sleep in a low EMF sanctuary. To do so, simply turn off your Wi-Fi before bed and keep your cell phone and laptops in a different room.

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