5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology promising to connect the Internet of Things (IoT) at blazing fast speeds. Millions of new cell antennas are being installed in front of homes on street lights and utility poles. Telecom has heavily lobbied governments to pass new regulations that fast track new wireless antenna installations by removing public notice and public hearings and usurp local control.

Issues With 5G

  • Experimental technology
  • Increases radiation exposure
  • Outdated radiation guidelines
  • Children are more vulnerable
  • Inadequate regulations
  • Impact to tree canopy
  • No oversight by health authority
  • No environmental review
  • Increases energy usage
  • Increases e-waste and pollution
  • Lowers property values
  • Local authority overruled
  • Loss of privacy
  • Interferes with weather forecasting
  • Screen addiction
  • Uninsured liability
  • Cyber security risks

Peer Reviewed Research On Wireless Radiation

  • Sperm damage
  • Oxidative stress
  • Altered brain development
  • DNA damage
  • Immune system damage
  • Memory problems
  • Sleep problems
  • Hyperactivity
  • Behavior problems
  • Breach of blood-brain barrier
  • Brain tumors
  • Cancer
  • Harm to birds, bees, and trees

Harvard Investigation Finds Industry Funding

Influences Science and Policy

“Industry control, in the case of wireless health issues, extends beyond Congress and regulators to basic scientific research.”

– Norm Alster, in Captured Agency, Harvard University

Medical Doctors Caution

“An Egyptian study confirmed concerns that living nearby mobile phone base stations increased the risk for developing headaches, memory problems, dizziness, depression and sleep problems. In large studies, an association has been observed between symptoms and exposure to these fields in the everyday environment.”

~The American Academy of Pediatrics

Scientists Worldwide Are Calling For A Halt To 5G

“We recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry…RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.”

~The 5G Appeal (signed by over 250 independent scientists and medical doctors from 40 countries)

Worldwide Opposition

Governments are taking action to stop 5G. Dozens of cities in Italy, the U.K., the U.S. and Switzerland are passing resolutions/ restrictions to halt the 5G roll-out until adequate safety testing has been done. Several countries recommend reducing children’s exposures to cellular phone radiation.

5G was not premarket safety tested. LEARN MORE AT EHTRUST.ORG