Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, MDiv, PhD

Consciousness Psychologist

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, has over 30 years experience as a Counselor, Hypnotherapist, and Coach; specializing in Consciousness Psychology.

Dr. Hardcastle Wright combines hypnotherapy and coaching to effectively heal her clients’ emotional issues that may be causing health problems. Hypnotherapy sources subconscious information from the client’s higher self. The Coaching protocols open the conscious mind to integrate this information and knowledge. She shares and provides tools and practices that clients can use in their daily life to provide health and self-knowledge.

Dr. Hardcastle Wright assists clients in recognizing and releasing their emotional trauma, which is often the source of disease and suffering. With caring support, she works with her clients to bring forth their innate ability to create a personal path to health and well-being. Each client is unique. Each client’s path to health is multifaceted and personal. Each client weaves their chosen path with new values, mindsets, and lifestyle.

Dr. Hardcastle Wright has professional expertise in the field of parapsychic science, principally consciousness. As a senior member for Apollo 14 Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s, Quantrek organization in their Washington, DC, office, she worked with a team of international scientists researching and applying zero-point energy, consciousness, and the extraterrestrial presence.

As a writer, speaker, and futurist, Dr. Hardcastle Wright is the author of Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind. A frequent guest on radio, television, and conferences she shares ways to manage life’s personal and professional ordeals and transform them into a positive beneficial life.

Professionally, Dr. Hardcastle Wright is affiliated with International Metaphysical University, American Philosophical Association, and the Institute for Exopolitics. In 2014, she founded the Institute for Exoconsciousness which facilitates the international Community of the Exoconscious, promoting the value of psychic intelligence and cosmic consciousness for human-centered, Earth-nurturing health and peace.

Dr. Hardcastle Wright’s graduate degrees include a MDiv in Philosophical Theology from Boston University School of Theology and a PhD in Parapsychic Science from American Institute of Holistic Theology. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy of Religion from Otterbein University, including a year studying Continental Philosophy in Basel, Switzerland. She is certified in hypnotherapy and coaching by Southwest Institute for Healing Arts. Ordained in the United Methodist Church, Dr. Wright served for fifteen years as an Ecumenical Chaplain at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.